Daria Kholodilina & Zviadi Kelenjeridze

About us

Being born and raised in Ukraine, Daria came to the Republic of Georgia three times, before she decided to move and settle. Before doing that, she lived in Izmir, Turkey, and Berlin, Germany. Both of those cities with their chaotic, creative vibe gave her the idea about the perfect place to live: mountains, nature, warm people from multiple areas of the world hanging out together… Tbilisi, Georgia, was something in between. Being tired of traveling in Europe, and feeling like South-Eastern Asia starts having more international travelers rather than locals, Daria decided to settle in Caucasus, and that was the best decision of her life.

In 2017, together with a renowned sommelier Miquel Hudin, she has co-written the guidebook about the Georgian wine regions – exactly the culture, gastronomy and travel lifehacks part. She knows a lot about Georgian wine, and is befriended with multiple winemakers.

Zviadi was born and raised in Tbilisi. From quite a young age, he started going to the mountains with people who shared the same philosophy: the best destination is the one where you’ve never been to, and the more adventures, the better.
Nowadays, he is one of the most proficient Georgian specialists in this field, as well as co-creator of the national standard of trekking routes marking.

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